Florida Attitude, Jersey Taste

About Us

Marathon Bagel Co. was once just an idea to Cynthia and Mike, a Jersey grown couple. After falling in love with the Keyes on their honeymoon, the couple was hooked and kept coming back for more: with their kids, their parents, friends, just about anyone they could share the beauty with. After years of visiting, the pair finally made their move to the islands and just WON'T STOP BRAGGING ABOUT IT! The one thing they did miss though: being able to run out in the morning to grab a fresh, warm bagel or stocking up on breakfast sandwiches before hitting the beach. The scenery was everything they dreamed of and more, but Cynthia and Mike needed a little bit of home on Marathon and so, Marathon Bagel Co. was born. 

We're a small, family-owned business based on friendly service, Florida feelings, and good old Jersey taste!  

Thanks for so graciously welcoming our beloved business and passion to your community. 
We hope to grow with you and look forward to forming fulfulling relationships within our area!